Your backyard is as important as your house as it can host a lot of occasions for your family and friends. It is the most useful part of your home to keep your guests in place. You can add a lot of things to make your backyard look welcoming and entertaining. Having an artificial pond, a pool, or a basketball half-court in your backyard can be the main attraction for your home. As it is very important to organize and decorate the backyard  and make it available for everyone, here are the ideas that you can try.

Add mirrors

If you have mirrors in your scrapyard, you can actually use them to add value to your backyard. You will need the pieces of mirrors and old wooden window frames. Incorporate the mirrors in the window frames and hand them at the back of your house.

DIY outdoor bench

If you have a little knowledge about wood-works, you can create something which can actually be useful for your backyard. An outdoor bench is the easiest thing you can make without spending a lot from your pocket and a comfortable option. You can use pieces of plywood, a few nails, a hammer and some paint and place it on a location which gets a great view.

Outdoor chalkboard

If you have kids, then you can create a creative chalkboard for them in your backyard to draw and learn things. The chalkboard can also be used for creating  a memo, for writing inspirational quotes, or to create a daily reminder for all family members.

Wine Bottle Torches

You can use the old empty wine bottles and fill them up with kerosene or acetone to make fire torches. Having these bottle torches at your backyard will be a creative and different idea for night parties. You can also use them inside the house in case of power cuts.

Planting board

If you love gardening and have a small garden in your backyard, then you can create a planting board for systematic plantation of seeds. The DIY planting board is made by making one side of the board intro spikes which can dig deep and create holes for seeds in a systematic pattern.

Outdoor Candle Lantern

Candle lanterns are often found during the Halloween season, but you can actually use it throughout the year. Getting some decorative candles and some containers to cut down and be creative with can create the best night lighting parts for you backyard.

Canned Jar lights

Another idea for lighting your backyard is canned . Cut out the can cap to fit in light bulbs and putting the bulbs inside the jars can create a unique jarred lamp collection. You can keep them around the backyard to decorate your home for a warm and beautiful night theme.


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